About Chris

Hey, my name is Chris. I’ve lived in Saskatchewan pretty much all my life. I’ve been hunting as soon as I was able to, from the age of 12 (1999). We never had great success over the years with waterfowl, the odd good hunt here and there. Mainly trying to do it with a lack of good equipment and tactics. I started getting seriously interested in goose hunting, especially snow geese, about 2012. We had tried to hunt snow geese without proper decoys or anything like that and had pretty much no success. My dad had bought a dozen sillosock decoys and with even just a dozen, I could see the possibilities. I quickly ordered a few more dozen that year and more the following years as the success went up. I’m just an ordinary working class guy with a young family, so I still don’t spend much on equipment and try to hunt as economically as possible, but I’m getting to know a few tricks and tips as well.

I really like Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and have a 6 year old male named Spad. He does well enough in the field, but still needs work.

I work in the agriculture industry, which has its busiest time right during prime goose season. It’s quite a juggling act when it gets going, but one I enjoy. Typical days in September follow this routine: up an hour and a half or more before light, hunt, try to get to work around 8 or so… 😀 work till about 5, scout, go back to work for a little more in the evening, go home, and repeat the next day.

This blog is to share my stories on waterfowl hunting (and other things) and also the tools and such I am using.

Hope you enjoy my blog! You can follow me here or on twitter:



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