Building a rotary decoy machine

Well after deciding that instead of spending $200 – $300 for a commercial machine, I could likely make my own. I had a coworker who has a totalled truck sitting in his yard and he offered the windshield wiper motor for this endeavor.

After an evening scout in his direction, I stopped in at his yard and took out the motor after about 10 minutes and was left with this.


After looking at some wiring diagrams and doing some testing, I found the wire that provides the power for the low setting and the ground.

I used a piece of paper to make a stencil to cut the holes needed on a piece of plywood.


I then cut an appropriate sized piece of plywood and drilled the holes in it to mount the motor. I built a stand with legs on it rather than stakes as I was in a hurry and didn’t feel like trying to find metal and either drilling them out for stakes or doing some welding; I may rebuild it this winter.


I found some nice light gauge stainless rods in my dad’s garage and drilled them out to mount them. I used a piece of steel square tubing turned into a U channel for the head and assembled it all together and painted it. Add a motorcycle battery and some wiring and everything was good to go!

It works decently enough. I had to slot the tapered shaft to be able to hold the head without it riding on the nut and loosening the nut. I used some tan paint and painted it all up. The only problem is that the stainless rods don’t hold paint, so may have to do something else with them, like wrapping them or getting them powder coated. I also need to wire a switch into it, right now I have weatherpack connectors to connect the battery to the motor.

All in all, I got about $50 into it including the battery.



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