Fall 2014 roundup

Well, I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had much of a chance to write anything new. I thought I would give an overview of the season. We got cold weather early in November and everything was frozen up solid by the 10th of November. Obviously some of the deeper lakes and the river were still open, but most of what the waterfowl would use was ice.

Now on to the stats. I like numbers and spreadsheets so keeping tally is something I like to do for the fun of it. I went out hunting 25 times from September 1st to October 25th. For the first time, we were never skunked, but boy did we come close… (one morning with 4 of us we got 1 snow goose and it was during when we were discussing packing up…)

We ended up with a total of 485 birds between 12 separate hunters on 64 hunter days for an average of 7.5 birds per person per day. Of those 485 birds we shot 42 Canada geese, 346 snow geese, 83 ducks, and 14 cranes.

I estimate about 150 of them ended up in our own freezer (no possession limit on snow geese anymore, but with a family of 3 we wouldn’t have come close anyways) with a lot being made into sausage and hamburger. We tried grinding some into burger on a whim and it turned out really good, nice texture, good flavor. I did not end up getting a deer this year, due to the last couple of cold, snowy, long winters our deer population has taken a big hit and seasons were cut back and a lot of people decided not to even hunt to give them a chance to build back up. We were out of hamburger and I kind of needed to get a deer this year, but using goose in place is working out really good.

After hunting I have thought about how to improve my spread based on my experience this year. I would love to get a number of things but I doubt I will be able to get everything I want to get this year. At the top of my list is a new e-caller. My old homebuilt job with a fender mount tractor radio is on its last legs, does not have the volume and clarity it once used to have. I would love to get more decoys, more flyers especially. Laydown blinds would possibly be nice. A rotary machine would be interesting. I currently have 144 snow goose sillosock decoys and a few flyers. I think we have 20 Canada shells and a dozen silloscks. I bought a dozen duck floaters that I can modify with rods into easy field use in addition to 4 we already had.

First priority is a new e-caller, 2 speakers preferable. $100 roughly
Snow goose flyers would be next, I would love to have another 10 of them, $250
I want to get my snow goose spread up to 200 which would take another 5 dozen decoys, $300
I would like to get a dozen really nice canada decoys or another dozen sillosocks, $60-$200
A rotary machine looks like it would be in the $300+ range, but I wonder if I could build one cheaper…
laydown blinds would be $150 each, would need 3 probably.

We will see what I am able to do this year, but I know I won’t be able to do all of it. I have alrady started on the e-caller, stay tuned for a later post.


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One Response to Fall 2014 roundup

  1. Andy says:

    Man I did not not do enough goose hunting this year. Got exactly 1 specklebelly. Theoretically, I’ve still got some time to hunt, but I’m not sure I can get out. Problem will be solved next year when I join a local hunt club. I’m going to do a spread sheet next year. I love hunting stats!


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