Monday morning snow goose hunt (Sept. 24)

I did a quick scout on the way to church the night before and there were quite a few geese going into a field owned by a cousin of mine. A co-worker of mine kinda wanted it held until some guys he had coming in from MN got there in the middle of the week. As we had shot plenty the week before, I was cool with that, we decided to set up on the next field and catch the curious ones.

We set up on a beautifully clear morning with myself, and my good friends David and his 2 boys, Joel and Zachary. There was just a slight breeze from the south and the flock would be on the field to our west.

The geese came in well before light and checked us out first before settling into the field west of us. Just about could have knocked a few over the head. As we waited for light, I utilized the time by videoing a bit. As you can see, a lot of willpower needed to wait until legal light.

And a picture I accidentally took instead of videoing


I decided I would shoot on the earlier flights when there was less light and more birds and then video later in the morning. We had some awesome shooting on some flights coming in nice and close. David’s youngest boy Zachary had just bought himself a brand new Stoeger over/under and was enjoying himself immensly. He definitely had a few birds to his credit that were his alone. He made a good shot on a distant Canada that faltered and then spun down about 100 yards later.

As it got lighter and our bird tally was getting higher, I started videoing.

Yeah, I need to work on my videographer skills, but hey its just my cell phone… On this next clip, you can see me put the phone back as a loner came back while they were loading up, so I quickly shot it.

A couple more down here

Some good shooting here as Joel knocks down 2 with his first shot.

And this is probably my best footage of the day.

All told we ended up with a beautiful morning, 37 snows and 5 Canadas. I took 2 blue geese home for the freezer for possibly getting mounted. They definitely weren’t the best ones I’ve seen, but pretty nice.



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4 Responses to Monday morning snow goose hunt (Sept. 24)

  1. Amber says:

    I wish we knew people with fields to hunt out of. Since we’re just east of the Mississippi, we’re not in a huge flyway like the upper Plains, but that was some good shooting. Geese are so noisy.


    • chrispdm1 says:

      We are blessed here in SK. lots of birds, and its illegal to charge for hunting rights on your land. A lot of people post deer land for their own use, but I have never had anyone not allow hunters on to hunt geese. They might have allowed someone else before I call them, but that’s different. They also pretty much beg you to come hunt them when they start eating on swathed fields.


      • Amber says:

        Matt tried door knocking before last year’s season, and the last house he tried cussed him out! They were local Veterans For Peace members, and for some reason, they didn’t like when he mentioned he was a Marine stationed in the area. People here don’t charge unless they are specifically leasing their land, but that experience left a bad taste with door knocking. It’s mostly us getting the time/gumption to go ask. Most people tell us I should be the one to ask.


      • chrispdm1 says:

        That’s terrible.

        Yeah, we used to get my little brother to phone the landowners. But then his voice changed, no advantage anymore.

        It is an advantage living in a rural area and working at a farm equipment dealership. Pretty much everyone knows everyone.

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